Wize Commerce

Optimize Traffic

Dramatically grow your customer base while perfectly optimizing ROI.

Channel Optimization and Demand Forecasting

Increase performance across all e-commerce channels by maximizing traffic at a desired target cost of sale.

  • Gain efficiency in managing your marketing budget
  • Increase ROI
  • Forecast demand in your market using predictive technology
  • Achieve desired results and revenue potential while meeting your cost of sale

Search Engine Marketing

Leverage over a decade of SEM innovation in keyword generation, copy optimization and bid management to produce breakthrough results.

  • Automate the entire keyword lifecycle from generation to removal to have the right keyword sets deployed at all times
  • Boost CTRs by leveraging our copywriting experience and thousands of copy experiments
  • Use statistical models to predict the value for every keyword, even before it’s deployed
  • Maximize ROI with automated bidding algorithms

Search Engine Optimization

Fuel your current efforts with our industry-leading SEO expertise.

  • Improve your website’s organic ranking on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!
  • Identify the right pages to focus on and the right content to display
  • Tweak the structure of your pages to maximize SEO rank and traffic

Google Shopping/Product Listing Ads

Drive additional traffic to your website from Google Shopping/Product Listing Ads on a CPC basis or with a desired target cost of sale.

  • Predict the value of each product ad and eliminate guesswork
  • Deploy and remove ads automatically
  • Automate bids to maximize traffic at a desired target cost of sale