Wize Commerce

Boost Revenue

Maximize your site revenue using our powerful optimization software and proprietary data.

Search Rank Optimization and Personalization

Personalize search results based on hundreds of online signals including social media profiles and unique user behavior.

  • Personalize offerings for every customer
  • Gain valuable insights
  • Optimize search results for greater clicks and revenue

Product Recommendations

Use statistical modeling and cross-channel signals to display personalized onsite and offsite recommendations.

  • Display customer-relevant offerings via an easy-to-implement widget
  • Increase customer retention and conversion rates
  • Maximize orders

Data Aggregation

Maintain real-time competitive edge by analyzing sophisticated product-level market signals.

  • Leverage insights into a product or promotion’s demand, social popularity, quality, and competition
  • Use real-time competitive pricing data
  • Dynamically re-calibrate strategies and programs to maximize monetization


Increase conversion via hundreds of simultaneous, multi-variate tests.

  • Release online features with confidence
  • React to iterated learnings automatically
  • Maximize revenue