August 20, 2013 by wizeblogmin

We’re excited to announce that Wize Commerce has begun providing targeted contextual shopping content to AOL websites including The Huffington Post, TechCrunch,, and Moviefone. 

“AOL is one of the largest shopping sites online,” said Wize Commerce CEO Jeff Katz. “Good content that’s specifically commerce-related is a win for content providers and their readers, and also for merchants, who are keen to find quality traffic that doesn’t depend on search engines.” 

“This relationship gives AOL a turnkey way to commercialize its considerable loyal traffic,” Katz continued. “And it gives merchants who participate in the Wize Commerce Shopping Network access to 50 million highly qualified page views per month.”

Wize Commerce has been ranked as the #1 independent comparison-shopping company in terms of gross merchandise sales and merchant conversion.

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