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We’ve been busy recently, launching new tools, new sites, and new traffic sources for our merchant customers.

Boost your traffic and revenue with…

Real-time price updates
Last month, we rolled out a major platform enhancement that will allow your prices to show up on all our sites in minutes. It’s even more important now that when you update your prices online or in-store, please update your prices in Nextag/Wize Commerce. Our research shows that most consumers shop with an eye on price: be sure that shoppers pick you and not the competition.
An increasing number of merchants are working with us via our Silhouette program to boost their own site traffic and revenue. Many of our reference accounts are confidential, but we have great results we can share from Silhouettes we built for ourselves. For example, the Silhouettes we recently built for our and sites delivered an amazing 50% increase in margin-positive revenue with virtually no integration required. Read the details here.
Complete, high-quality feeds
This is a good time to remind you that the quality of the data in your feed directly impacts visibility and your overall performance on all the sites in our Shopping Network. Small errors here will prevent your products from being seen or found. Be sure the following are all up to date:
  • Valid UPC/EAN code
  • Correct manufacturer part no.
  • Correct manufacturer/brand data (in two separate fields/columns)
  • Product name (up to 80 characters)
  • Product URL
  • Category information (by name or Nextag node_id)
  • Stock status
  • Shipping info (numerical data formatted with only digits and consistent decimal delimiter, either “.” or “,”)
  • Image URLs for each product wherever possible (min size: 100 x 100 pixels) in either jpeg or gif format

In other news…

As you know, market developments are driving the cost of traffic higher, and there has been no escaping that fact in the e-commerce landscape. Last month we announced a price increase that spans most categories as a means to partly compensate for these trends. Most of the feedback we’ve received from merchants has been understanding — we are using this price increase and numerous initiatives to bolster our traffic conversion and quality to drive more business to you. Wize Commerce already has the best COS of all independent CSEs and we continue to invest to keep it that way. Here are just some of our latest initiatives:
  • Performance enhancements: In tandem with the speed enhancements mentioned above, we’ve increased SKU capacity by 25-30% and our ability to handle traffic surges by 50-60%.
  • Price Machine upgrade: In July, we rolled out a new look and feel and expanded features for Price Machine, already our highest-performing site in terms of merchant conversion.
  • Wize Commerce now powers AOL Shopping links: The AOL co-brand partnership we announced to you in June is well underway, delivering millions of new qualified leads to merchants participating in the Wize Commerce Shopping Network. As our recent blog post notes, our relationships with content partners like AOL deliver traffic to merchants that isn’t dependent on search engines.
Wize Commerce CEO Jeff Katz recently spoke with Cory Johnson of Bloomberg about comparison shopping, Price Machine, and the future of the space. Take a look.
And as always, if you have any questions, or if we can help in any way, please let us know.

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